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Private Sailing Instruction

Learn to sail with Captain Kathleen in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina! Kathleen has previously taught keelboat sailing at the College of Charleston. She has a passion for sharing knowledge and introducing anyone interested to the sport of sailing.

You won't spend hours staring at a whiteboard or reading a textbook. Kathleen believes the best way to learn to sail is to get out on the water as soon as possible. Her instruction is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Your private lesson will be personalized to your experience and comfort level in order to meet your specific goals and objectives. And or course: the most important part is to keep it fun!

Captain Kathleen teaching sailing trim to a student during a private sailing lesson in Charleston, SC.

Boat Management

The fastest way for your boat to deteriorate is for it to sit unattended and unused.

Hire Kathleen to look after your boat while you are away. Kathleen will design a bespoke plan best suited to your vessel and schedule boat checks at appropriate intervals. The goal of these checks is to ensure everything is shipshape the next time you board your boat.


Boat checks include battery checks, bilge checks, assessing bottom/hull growth, running the engine(s) and generator(s), and a deck wash.

Captain Kathleen is responsible for maintain this sailboat in Charleston, SC where she does boat maintenance and care.

Boat Deliveries

Are you covered under your insurance if you take your boat offshore? Many policies won't cover you without a captain onboard. Delivering a boat to a new destination is a challenge many owners don't want to take on. Have confidence that Kathleen will get your boat where it needs to go safely.

For vessels above the gross tonnage of Kathleen's license, she can connect you with another captain in her personal network who she knows and trusts to handle your boat with the utmost care.

Captain Kathleen on the ocean during a catamaran sailboat delivery to North Carolina.
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